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House Cleaning Round Rock: Yes a Clean Home is Possible Even with Pets Around

Who wouldn't want cute dogs running around the house? They make gloomy days to brighter days. They absorb all the negativities that life throws at us. They will never leave your side but they leave us quite a mess.

House Cleaning service finds unattended pet droppings and hair challenging to clean and maintain. So they leave tips to the pet owner on how to take care of their best friends while keeping a tidy house preventing unwanted odors.

We have collected a few helpful tips from our House Cleaning Round Rock partners to give you tips to maintain a happy and clean home with your pets.

1.       Clean pets, clean homes.

House Cleaning teams agree to groom your pets regularly preventing unwanted dander and odor to be transferred on our linens, sofas, and carpet. Note: Giving a dog a bath too often with shampoo can mess with their bodies’ natural oil, so please be cautious, you wouldn’t want to ruin their silky smooth coats.

 2.       Keep a quality vacuum cleaner on hand.

All dogs shed even the “non-shedding dogs”, shed. We need to rid that fallen hair off of our furniture. A House Cleaning agent said that letting the hair sit on our carpet or sofa for a while can harvest bacteria, so you must vacuum them away. Investing in automatic vacuum robots has its perks. You can just leave them and they will pick up those traces of debris you cute friends leave behind.

 3.       Cover up!

When it is shedding season, it will help to cover up your sofas and beds with a clean scrap of cloth to protect them from falling fur and stains as well. It is easier to wash these fabrics than to have your entire sofa reupholstered. A smart tip from our friendly House Cleaning teams.

 4.       Walk and wash.

Taking your dogs on walks gives them the happiness they cannot have inside the four corners of the house. But we know that they just don’t come home happy but dirty as well. So our House Cleaning partners suggest cleaning their paws with wet tissue or simply wash and blow dry them. And you don’t have to worry about any stain that they could bring into your home.

 5.       It is true that prevention is the best cure.

Observe your furry friends' daily routine. When they eat their meal or drink water, how long will it take them to void it? In this case, you can predict their call of nature and bring them to a place where it will be easy to clean out their mess. And not to worry about calling in a House Cleaning team to save the day.

 6.       Let the air in.

Any smell will not linger in a well-ventilated room. Just like what our friendly House Cleaning peeps say “Air your House”.


Finding the right House Cleaning Round Rock team will surely be your saving grace!