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House Cleaning Tips on Cleaning Baby Toys

House Cleaning Question #1: ''Do you ever look at your baby's toys and wonder how they got so dirty?''

House Cleaning Question #2: ''You know they need cleaning, but where do you begin?''

House Cleaning Question #3: ''What should you use to clean baby toys, and how often should you do it?''


These are some questions from House Cleaning experts in Round Rock that you need to focus on:


Why Should You Clean Your Baby's Toys?


Even though babies like playing with toys, consider what they do with them. Before placing them in their mouths, they spit on them, drool on them, and otherwise mistreat them.


These toys might contain viruses that could get your baby sick. It is especially true if the object is exposed to a sick family member, said a House Cleaning pro. Or maybe you went to a playdate where other babies played with the toys and transferred germs.


Take a look at these House Cleaning methods from Round Rock on how to clean the baby's toys.


How to clean stuffed animals and clothes?

Stuffed baby toys may often be cleaned in a detergent-filled washing machine, said a House Cleaning crew. Depending on the kind of toy, you may either hang it dry or put it in the dryer. If you're concerned that the stuffing will get damaged, you can also clean the toy in the dryer with a few fresh tennis balls, which should prevent them from clumping.


Cleaning Up Plastic Toys

Housekeeping professionals recommend placing tiny plastic toys without batteries in the dishwasher for ease of cleaning. Hot water and detergent are safe to use on your toys. Cleaning service professionals have advised that before giving a child a toy, parents should check to see if it requires batteries or has any other fragile parts. The rubber should never be put in the dishwasher due to the risk of melting, according to the specialists at House Cleaning.


How to properly clean baby toys that can't be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine?

Hard, non-porous baby toys with batteries or that cannot be cleaned in the washing machine can be sanitized by simply wiping them down with a towel dipped in warm water and soap solution. Dry, then use a Lysol® Disinfecting Wipe to clean. Finally, thoroughly clean the toy with water and a clean towel before giving it back to the child. Use Lysol® All-Purpose Cleaner and rinse with water after using it on big toys. House Cleaning aces are reminded to always remember to read and follow the label directions while using any product.


Sanitizing baby toys is sure to be a high priority, but it doesn't have to be a source of concern. With these easy steps from House Cleaning professionals in Round Rock, you'll have complete confidence that your child is playing in a germ-free environment.


As you maintain the good health of your babies, remember to keep your baby's toys clean and safe to play with.