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How can you get rid of wine stains from your couch, carpet and clothes?

It has been many times that we may think a dirk or two may not harm us, but when it ends up on our carpet it is one of the most dreadful situations as we don’t really know how to get that stain out or will the stain even get out or not. At this point  House Cleaning Round Rock steps in letting you know about different steps to follow to getting those wine stains out with the things available at your home. 

Before you jump up to the cleaning, the moment the wine spills make sure you attend to it right there and then. First of all blot the wine stain with tissue paper, then sprinkle salt on the stain and let it sit throughout the night. Next day begins with the cleaning. If the wine stain dries off it becomes very difficult to clean the wine stain. 

1. Blot the stain immediately 

When house cleaning, use a clean white cloth to dry as much red wine as you can immediately. Alternate parts of the fabric to dry always with a fresh spot. As this will soak up as much wine as possible leaving less stain to treat. 

2. Add water to the stained area 

When house cleaning, pour a small amount of cold water over the red wine stain on the mat and continue drying. The water dilutes the red wine, facilitating drying. During house cleaning, do not pour too much water at once and replace the cloth with a dry one while working. Continue to dry until you can no longer remove the stain with this method.

3. Making a baking soda paste

When house cleaning, make a paste with a three to one ratio of baking soda and water. During house cleaning, apply the paste directly on the stain on the carpet and wait for it to dry completely before vacuuming the dry paste.

4. Apply a cleaning solution 

During house cleaning, after applying the DIY method if stains still remain, apply a carpet stain remover according to the manufacturer's instructions.The process is to wait until the cleaning product dries and then vacuum. It should be clear to you that this cleaning solution will be based on chemicals. 

5. Apply a DIY cleaning solution 

During house cleaning, for a homemade cleaning solution mix one part of dishwashing liquid with two parts of hydrogen peroxide instead of using a commercial carpet cleaner.

6. Apply and remove the solution 

Use a sponge to apply the cleaning solution onto the stain, once the solution has been applied then let it sit for a while before coming in with a clean microfiber cloth dipped in water to wipe off the solution and the soapy residual off the carpet. 

If you are still looking for more tips that can help you to get rid of wine stains from your carpet then you need to get in touch with your local House Cleaning Round Rock experts who will help you in this situation or you can book an appointment with House Cleaning Round Rock.